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I finally heard back from my mom. It turns out that Darryl overdosed on cocaine. He's still in ICU, but he's doing much better. However, while they were running tests and looking him over, the doctors found a large tumor wrapped around an artery in his back. Apparently, it's already responsible for shutting down one of his kidneys. They're doing a biopsy to determine whether or not it is cancerous, but either way...there's really not a lot that can be done at this stage. It's too large and unfortunately placed to be removed, and even if it's "benign" it's still shutting down vital organs. After what happened with Sarah, Darryl says he won't do chemo unless the doctors are sure that it will help.

I can't help thinking that all this is pretty moot if he can't cut out the drugs. How many times has he been off and on the wagon? At least three that I know of, and goodness knows how many times before I was old enough for my mom to start telling me stuff. I guess I just don't see this episode as something that's going to help him admit his problems and finally stick with a program. In fact, these sorts of terrible events are likely to encourage him to do the exact opposite. I know it sounds harsh and horrible, but I hope he gets better more for my grandmother's sake than his. She's already so unstable (mentally and physically)...I don't think she could withstand the death of another of her children.

I also worry about my mom. She has always been the type of person we could all go to for advice. She is kind, sensible, and a fantastic listener, and (despite being the youngest daughter) her family frequently leans on her for support. I cannot imagine what she is going through right now with her brother in the hospital and everyone calling her to talk/cry/whatever. I called her the other day to see if she needed anyone to talk to, and her voice sounded so sad, as if she were fighting not to cry. She has sooooooo many other problems that she's dealing with all on her own, and I just feel helpless.

*I really want to give my dad a stern talking to, but I don't think that would do much in the way of good.*

I hope I won't offend anyone with this. I do love my uncle, and I am sincerely hoping for his recovery. It's just that (excepting the tumor) we've been here before. This is just a shitty situation all around.


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